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Our team provide a comprehensive portfolio of commercial real estate services in four segments: Management services, brokerage, development, accounting and corporate services. We take pride in our ability to produce results according to the highest industry standards of client service and ethical best practices.

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Medical facilities

We sell projects for the construction of medical facilities, retirement homes, or the Alzheimer’s Center. We make acquisitions of existing medical facilities and pharmacies.


We sell already run hotels, as well as hotel projects. We offer investors, developers, and hoteliers expert advice on buying a property or acquiring a company. We always select our clients to suit their needs, such as number of rooms, annuality, develoment potential, and location.


We sell shopping centers, commercial spaces, supermarkets, and make a selection of tenants who want to expand with their concept. We focus on big city centers. To the owners of retail companies, we always make a professional site analysis and advise them on their concept.


We focus on offices in the Czech Republic and Hungary Budapest. We occupy empty spaces with tenants, or we sell and acquire office buildings. We focus on all categories of office buildings.

KALASEK Real Estate  provide consulting, sales, and real estate acquisition. We specialize in real estate investment, development projects and the sale of residential, commercial, and industrial real estate.

Real Estate Specialists

Paul Walker

Chief Executive Officer


Michal Kalášek

Chief Executive Officer

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